What a beautiful and inspiring book!

April 27, 2022

Looking at the world, my country, and the Church, I have found myself grieving over the injustice and inhumanity that exists. But I am grateful for stories like this that remind me that God is in the ebbs and flows of life.

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I couldn’t put it down!

April 11, 2022

I couldn’t put it down! What an incredible story. I’m so proud of you for being so brave in sharing your truth. Your words and the way you speak your truth are just awesome. Bravo.

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Amy Johnson

No Title

April 11, 2022

Beautifully written. Couldn’t put it down.

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Beautiful and Honest

March 21, 2022

Elena tells a vivid and honest story, especially one that allows for self-awareness and forgiveness. She told her story so beautifully and it had me reflecting on my own life as well.

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Migdalia Peterson

An awesome read !

March 21, 2022

I received the book and had it finished the next day, couldn’t put it down! Elena’s writing is so easy to read and it pulls you into her life. I loved learning more about her life and her faith in God. I will be looking forward to the next book.

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Beautiful and authentic in a way the world needs!

March 11, 2022

My book now has food smudges on the pages because I couldn’t stop reading! Elena’s words and faith are a breath of fresh air to the world. You will find beautiful stories in the pages telling of Elena’s life, from childhood to motherhood and many in between. It’s time for book #2, Elena!!! The world needs your goodness.

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Haley Minesinger

No Title

March 9, 2022

This story was a page turner! I could hardly put it down. Elena has written a courageous and vulnerable memoir inviting us to take heart and reach for hope, faith and wisdom in the gut wrenching heartaches and failure that inevitably come with being human.

I found it to be a good reminder that Light shines in darkness and seeds of Goodness sprout and flourish around the edges of our personal fears, failures and doubts.

Her writing soothes the heart and mind that may be undergoing a time of reconstruction and renewal. Her vulnerability and honesty reminds us that we all long to be known, heard and seen for who we are – as designed and deeply loved by God.

Her story of love, loss and the human longing for belonging tugged at my own. And her faith, though tried, has flourished to inspire us all.

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Margaret S.


March 7, 2022

What a journey Elena has taken and her description of her spiritual path is inspirational to those of us who struggle daily with our faith. I hope that she will write more books as she writes so well!!

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5 stars!

March 7, 2022

OMG! I just finished this book. I am impressed with the writing and humbled by her vulnerability. THANK YOU for sharing your journey.

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You are worthy and loved

March 7, 2022

I just finished the book. It is 1:45 AM. I am profoundly enlightened, deeply humbled, cooled, warmed, transformed in several ways.

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Lois F.

Your faith will carry you

February 26, 2022

Elena writes so beautifully. I felt all the feelings while reading her story. Her faith journey is beautiful and real.

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Donna Reuter

Breathtakingly brutiful

February 22, 2022

I read this in one setting, Elena‘s heartfelt truth that she pours out so beautifully in this book is just gripping. I felt less alone as I read this hearing common struggles that we have shared in the faith. If I could give 10 stars, I would.

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A real and shining memoir

February 22, 2022

Elena Delhagen has shared a true story, her story in this hard to put down memoir. A story of love, grace, and resilience that is unique to her but resonates with many stories and chapters of her sisters’ lives around the world. She draws on an inner strength and hope that is at once common and also holy. It’s a love and grace that’s available to us all as we read along. She found faith and we get to go along with her on the journey from a childhood of walking on eggshells as the child of addicts, a young marriage that didn’t last, travel to Liberia to work with children and orphans, marriage and motherhood, and learning to heal and grow into herself all along the way. Until the Bones Shine is a unique title for this book that is so worthy of reading, appreciating and going back to again to find those uplifting words that speak truth to whatever messy things we might be facing. We are not alone.

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Anne Hartsough

I Couldn’t Put It Down, But I Also Didn’t Want It To End

February 21, 2022

I read this moving book in one sitting, but I didn’t want it to end! Until The Bones Shine is a deeply personal journey from the wilderness, through the fire and to the water. As you read Elena’s words, you begin to identify your own story’s wilderness, fire and water experiences. Pure, courageous vulnerability–like Elena is sharing her story with only you. We all can find hope in her message, that despite the wilderness and fire, eventually we all will wander back home.

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