A blessing for weeks when life feels fragile

All across the world nations are beginning to shut down and shelter in place again as the pandemic ravages the globe. There have been over a million deaths, and that number is still climbing. And many of us are scared, and we are weary, and we think about our children and our grandparents and those that we love who are sick, and everything weighs so very heavy on our shoulders, doesn’t it?

This week may we see kindness in a masked stranger’s eyes as we lock gazes. May we feel some sort of comfort in the knowledge that we are not alone in our fear, in our anxieties, in the way it all just feels too much some days. May we be quick to swallow our pride and say “you first” and not “me first” as we don our face masks and keep a safe distance. May we know the unique blessing of learning to do a thing in a new way and remember that it is a gift to get second chances, and may we hold our traditions and the manner in which we’ve always done things loosely in our hands. May we take care of each other in unexpected ways, and may we count our blessings not just at the holiday table. May we remember those who are unhoused and those who are sick and those without food or family. May we recognize that we have more than enough.

This week, as everything feels fragile and death looms around us, may we choose the things that give us life. May we bless the teachers, and the doctors, and the nurses, and the cashiers, and those who care for our elderly. May we be sure to take care of ourselves just as much as we do our loved ones, making sure to eat good food and get enough rest, to find ways to laugh, to allow times for tears.

When everything feels fragile, may we remember that we are the ones holding each other up; may we feel strong as our neighbors help us lift our weary hands, much as Hur and Aaron did for Moses, our desert father. May we feel comforted by the knowledge this is a season and not our forever, and though we don’t know how long the season will last, we are weathering it together.

Above all, may we know that we are loved this week. You are loved this week, friends. This week, and every week.