I’m a mama to 2 (3 if you count our fur-baby), a biological son and adopted daughter, and wife to a PC(USA) pastor. I’m also an immigrant (born in the Great White North), seminarian, and former expat, having lived and worked in Liberia, West Africa, from 2009-2014. I am a Young Living oiler (Yl.pe/elenadel), coffee snob, ice cream enthusiast, idealist, empath, loud laugher, Enneagram 1w2, and chronic oversharer.

I write a lot about motherhood, being in seminary, walking away from diet culture, ethical adoption, all things coffee, and how I’m walking out my calling as part of the resurrection people. My first book, a memoir titled Until the Bones Shine, will be released 2/22/2022 from Midwinter Press.

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  • awrestlingwriter
    April 7, 2014

    Loving your thoughts and reading about your journey. Great blog and look forward to reading more!

  • Carla Harbman
    March 10, 2019

    This resonates with me. I grew up Presbyterian and married a Presbyterian, too, just at the time that I was becoming something more – something else- something wider. I have struggled in the more conservative churches – even though I know that there is Truth and Love there – but I find I am becoming Pentecostal in my later years. That I believe God is bigger than the traditions of my youth that tend to believe they are the only right ones. They are not wrong, in many ways, but they are not the only God-followers, either, and my heart yearns for the Spirit that was frowned on by my past – the distrust of feelings, the sense that God is all about accuracy, words, minds, and Truth – that God SAYS he so LOVED the world that He gave His only begotten Son, but that he MEANT he wanted us to be sure we got the details right. I’m finding God is wilder, freer, fiercer, and, in a sense, “Truer” than the Truth that was so hallowed in my past. Not that they were wrong, but I am not wrong either – I know the Spirit is speaking to us today, if we will only listen. I know He speaks Truth to us – but He also speaks LOVE. He speaks peace. He speaks joy. I want to know that part of God, too – the heart part of God, not just the mind part. Thanks for sharing.

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