About Me

I’m mama to one child that I birthed, one child I adopted, and two four-legged furbabies. I’m also an immigrant, seminarian, and former expat. I am a self-professed coffee snob, ice cream enthusiast, idealist, loud laugher, Enneagram 1w2, and chronic over-sharer. My passions include the power of storytelling, snarky GIFs, cultivating the beloved community, the Oxford comma, and pizza. (Verrrrry¬†passionate about pizza.)

My memoir, Until the Bones Shine, is a story of faith and family, love and loss, home and hope. I also write a lot about motherhood, being in seminary, embodiment, and how I’m walking out my calling as part of the resurrection people.

Join me at The Table, an online community for wanderers and wonderers. There’s always enough room, and the welcome is wide. I’ve saved you a seat.

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