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  • There Are 2 Types of Women, And I Am Neither on the Good Women Project [on being in the in-between]
  • Your Heart Is Good on the Good Women Project (soon to also be posted on GWP’s Huffington Post column!) [on freedom + full redemption]
  • Perfectly Imperfect on So Worth Loving [on learning to love the skin you’re in]
  • RISE: Get Up Off the Floor in SheLoves magazine [on rising from the ashes after the destruction of my first marriage]
  • On Being Human on So Worth Loving [on feeling all the feelings all the time]
  • When Life Turns Out Differently on So Worth Loving [on getting older + unmet expectations]
  • A Special Valentine’s Day on So Worth Loving [on witnessing the miracle of Love in Liberia]
  • A New Normal on So Worth Loving [on the importance of authentic community, especially in the hard places of life]
  • Afro Apparel’s copywriting [a company helping to re-interpret the African identity]
  • Billy’s Candies’ copywriting [a local candy company specializing in homemade chocolates]
  • Ruins to Redemption in SheLoves magazine [on choosing to see my brokenness as a conduit for abundance]
  • When the Tides Turn on The MOPS blog [on the beautiful, chaotic changes that motherhood brings]
  • Accept the Stillness in SheLoves magazine [on sleep training my son and what motherhood has taught me about God]
  • Jesus and Lexapro in SheLovesmagazine [on the Church’s responsibility to those with mental illness] WARNING: Content includes depression and suicidal ideations.
  • 2019 cast member and spoken word artist in Listen to Your Mother: Rochester at Roc the Mic
  • Published in Issue Three of Bluff & Vine: A Literary Review
  • Our adoption story is published on Love What Matters
  • An excerpt from an older piece of mine was published in the Life In The Finger Lakes magazine
  • Gabriella Hunt Photography‘s copywriting [a family documentary and birth photographer and certified doula in the Rochester, NY area]
  • Regular contributor to The Immediate Word, a theological perspective on today’s headlines and popular culture

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