The post about *THE BIG SECRET*

I finally get to share my secret with you!!!! 
* excessive use of exclamation points due to a) giddy excitement and b) being up since 3:30 with my little which means c) alllll the coffee this morning
Are you ready?!?

On Monday, I got an email from the Editorial Manager at Mops International letting me know an article of mine has been selected to be published on their blog for their current theme, CHANGE.

I wrote about how meaningful MOPS has been to me on my Instagram post yesterday (go ahead and follow me if you aren’t already!) so to have them publish my work is such an honor. Motherhood has been an incredible journey thus far, and it is my hope + prayer that my words will encourage, inspire, and resonate with all the mamas who will read it.

I will update you all with the permalink as soon as it’s posted so you can read, comment, and share!


*** UPDATE: The post is now LIVE on the MOPS blog! Click here!***


    • Elena Delhagen

      Thanks, girl! I SO recommend finding a local MOPS group – best thing I ever did for my new-mama self! 🙂 <3

  • Jenny

    Beautiful words Elena!! So exciting to be published over there. Cheers to motherhood and the roller coaster ride of emotions 🙂

    • Elena Delhagen

      Thank you so much, Jenny! It truly is an honor to have my words posted there. Motherhood is a crazy-beautiful journey – as you said, the roller coaster ride of emotions. It definitely is filled with ups, downs, and everything in between! 🙂