I wrote a book, you guys!

The first draft of my book is done! When I started writing it (several years ago), my goal was to have it finished by the time I turned 40. I’ll be 37 next week, so I think I’m on track.

I am so proud of this little bébé. It is a memoir told through vignettes, poetry, and a series of short essays. It is the story of finding God in unexpected places, like loss and pain and rising from the ashes. It’s a song of love and land, home and hope. It is my very heart and soul poured out onto these pages. I can’t believe it did it!

While I have nothing at all against self-publishing, my dream has always been to be traditionally published. So my next steps involve finding a publishing house that is interested in Fire and Water. Stay tuned as the journey continues!

  • Nancy Woods
    December 3, 2020

    Yay!!!! So very proud of you!

  • Terry Goodwin
    December 3, 2020

    Congratulations for hitting this milestone!

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