I really dislike Halloween.
Some of you might be gasping right now, but I said what I said, people. I don’t enjoy scary things, and it’s always seemed like an awful lot of work for a bucket or two of candy that I could easily buy myself.

My four-year old, however, loves it. He gets so very excited about picking out his costume, adores the thrill of getting more free candy than he knows … Read the rest

So, A Pentecostal and A Presbyterian Walk Into A Bar…

Alternative title: So, I Have Some Thoughts About Church.
Or: It’s Good to Reflect On Our Faith.
Or: I Think Sarah Bessey Might Have Written a Book Just For Me.


When I was six years old, I found God. Or rather, God found me.

I grew up Catholic, not in practice, necessarily, but definitely in name. The daughter of two immigrants, I was enrolled in Catholic school because religion was a tie to the … Read the rest